• How did you come into, or get interested in, writing?
  • Where do you get your fictional story ideas?
  • Do you have a disciplined writing schedule?
  • How did you come to write a mystery series?
  • What are you working on now?

How did you come into, or get interested in, writing?

As so many writer friends have said, wanting to be a published author started when I was 12. After reading Gone with the Wind, I began to pen a sequel.  While a bit aggressive for me, it was the spark that started a life-long dream of writing. For years, I have written stories and marketing content for clients, as well as a few marketing manuals for national associations.  The I wrote, and later updated, a non-fiction personal marketing guide, Almost Famous: How to Market Yourself for Success.

Where do you get your fictional story ideas?

The mystery series came from wanting to create an amateur sleuth who is reluctant to use her psychic gifts.

Do you have a disciplined writing schedule?

The challenge of writing a novel brings with it the need to have a routine. Yet, I still find that distractions can occur to get me off track. The best way for me to keep moving forward is having an accountability partner or critique group. Initially, the monthly critique group helped me move forward with my first novel. The addition of an accountability partner to meet weekly for word count goals and discussion of scenes or storyline.

How did you come to write a mystery series?

I loved Agatha Christie novels.  Then I was inspired when the “cozy mystery” genre was born.  It had no violence, swear words or sex/nudity; that encouraged me further.  I loved watching “Murder She Wrote” as the television execution of the cozy and the various British adaptations of Christie mysteries including her famous detective, Hercule Poirot, and Miss Marple who is the amateur sleuth.

What are you working on now?

The Reluctant Psychic Mysteries includes: The Mind’s Eye Murder, The Missing Tarot Card Murder and Ageless Murder.  I am also working on The Wind Walker Tale of Murder, which is a short story/novella.

In nonfiction, I wrote "The Year of Living Creatively: When Change Happens...How to Embrace Your NEXT!" It is a guidebook for developing awareness of how to have your life filled with joy, hope, abundance and adventure! It is filled with exercises to enhance creativity and ultimately bring out the passion that may have been negatively impacted by the drama of a big change.

To accompany that workbook, I continue to write weekly email messages called Simply Stated.  During my year of "living creatively," I started a great practice of writing inspirations based on the exercises in the book. These inspirations are called, "Simply Stated" and are available to you as a subscription to arrive in your email inbox on most Sundays. These quick inspirations offer a great way to jumpstart your week with creativity and insights!

To read more about The Year of Living Creatively and Simply Stated messages, click here.

For writers, whether traditionally or self-published, I have developed a guidebook, “How to Market Your Book for Success.”