A Christmas Short Story

When I was young, I loved to write short stories. So, as a personal challenge this year, I wrote a Christmas short story that included the names of three writer friends!

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The Reluctant Psychic Mystery Series

In this captivating three-book series, Annie O’Reilly finds having "gifts" cannot be ignored.  Her curiosity and sense of responsibility draw her into situations that means revealing her gifts to solve murders and save lives. A page-turning mystery series of the adventures of the reluctant psychic that may awaken your own awareness of gifts!

Annie O’Reilly is excited to keynote at a medical conference that will boost her reputation and spur big growth in her business -- until she hears the voice. Someone is in danger, but to help means turning her attention from business to revealing her secret and being considered a freak. But when a person dies, Annie is torn and guilt-ridden. Should she ignore her “gift” or confide in someone? And then another death. To act now will mean someone needs to believe her, especially when the voice says, with stunning force, “You can hear me, can’t you…?”

A mysterious package arrives for Annie right before a woman executive is found dead who was responsible for a new product worth millions at a pharma company where her girlfriend works. The package reveals a Tarot card deck in a worn pouch missing one card whose meaning leads Annie into a dangerous web of corporate secrets and murder.

It was all fun and games as Annie led the young woman through an age regression that uncovered a murder from a past life but then childhood memories bubble up of the possible murder of her father. Things turn deadly for both women as Annie races to unravel the young woman’s memories before the murderer realizes they know.

When a friend who is a park ranger at a national monument asks Annie for help, she says a team member is missing at the new Native American archeological dig and people have been seeing apparitions. Wanting to help, Annie is pulled into the intrigue of theft and betrayal that includes an ancient messenger and murder.


Let me introduce you to the main character of my mystery series, the young professional business owner named Annie O'Reilly.  A talented psychologist, Annie began working in several counseling practices during her twenties to gain experience. Then, at the age of thirty, she created a consulting firm named Target Success offering self-development programs.  Annie partnered with her good friend, Lexi, to build the business.  Now, a couple of years later with a new book debuting, they are poised for national success. Annie believes this is her time, her chance to make a mark.

Tall, with a thin athletic build, and flowing long blonde hair, Annie had often been mistaken for an airhead due to her youthful, attractiveness.  That is until her blue eyes flash, and her wicked left eyebrow raises.  Nothing gets past her perceptive stare.

However, she has kept a secret "gift" hidden since a teenager. An incident with her "gift" in high school caused a big social issue because only crazy people hear voices, right?


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