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Write. Market. Succeed.

A Step-By-Step Guide for How to Successfully Market You & Your Book for Aspiring and Published Authors.

The marketing playbook by Nicolette Lemmon is based on her expertise in running a marketing consulting firm for over thirty years and Marketing Network Groups for writers. The premise is that writing and publishing books is a business, and all businesses need good marketing strategy to be successful.

Many authors have no experience with marketing or the tools and techniques to sell more books. This marketing playbook provides simple checklists and examples to create a marketing plan, develop a target reader profile, author brand, website, promotional campaigns, budget, presentation tips, and evaluation techniques.

There is also a 20-minute marketing audit worksheet for authors to help focus time, talent, and treasure to move forward with their writing business. There are also three questions at the end of each chapter to give the reader "homework" and ensure they understand the content presented.

If you have limited or no experience with marketing, you will find the tools and techniques you need to sell more books. It's easy to read and offers steps to help you prepare the marketing and promotion whether you are independently or traditionally published. Even if you haven't published a book yet, you'll want to get started with marketing to jumpstart your first book launch.

There are numerous outlets selling Write. Market. Succeed. and here are a few:
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The Year of Living Creatively cover


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The Year of Living Creatively: When Change Happens...How to Embrace Your NEXT!


The Year of Living Creatively is a guidebook for developing awareness of how to have your life filled with joy, hope, abundance and adventure! It is filled with exercises to enhance creativity and ultimately bring out the passion that may have been negatively impacted by the drama of a big change.  If you would like to see a short video that Nicolette recorded about the guidebook, click here.


Those who have heard Nicolette speak about the guidebook, as well as readers, have asked for the quotes from the guidebook that they have said were inspirational. To post on a desk or on a wall to use for daily inspiration, we created a free printable PDF.  To get a copy, click here, view and save the PDF on your computer.

Simply Stated Sundays:

To accompany that workbook, I continue to write weekly email messages called Simply Stated Sundays.  During my year of "living creatively," I started a great practice of writing inspirations based on the exercises in the book. These inspirations are called, "Simply Stated Sundays" and are available to you as a subscription to arrive in your email inbox on most Sundays. These quick inspirations offer a great way to jumpstart your week with creativity and insights!

To read more about The Year of Living Creatively and to sign up for Simply Stated Sundays messages, click here.

Almost Famous 2.0: How to Market Yourself for Success

Downloadable e-Book!  For anyone wanting to build a successful career, Almost Famous is a workbook that is flexible and easy to use. With a number of self-tests, exercises, checklists and fun illustrations, you will gain immediate results.  To read more, click here.  To purchase your downloadable e-Book, click here.