Shift into “What’s NEXT?”

This week, the Spring Equinox occurred to mark the moment of equal hours of night and day.  As the start of Spring, it's a time when we have ideas for planting gardens and getting out in the warm sun. Here is what astrologer, Narayana Montufar says:

"Astrologically, the spring equinox always heralds the sun's movement into the cardinal fire sign of Aries, which is what channels that initiatory energy noted above. You can think of the spring equinox as an “absolute energetic reset." *

With this fun opportunity to change up our "to do" list and have the energy to do more projects, you might feel overwhelmed. One easy thing to do is simply ask, "What’s next?" Let your intuition guide you.

Try This: Shift into "What’s NEXT?"

Having more energy in the spring can provide a blank page to jumpstart goals or dreams that have stalled since the first of the year. You can energize them with a few key questions from Megan Hyatt Miller, Full Focus,

  • What lit you up before your life got full?
  • What makes you come alive, feel fully yourself like nothing else?
  • What do you want to create in the future outside of the daily grind?
  • What whispers in your heart? **

These are amazing questions to shift your attention to what the possibilities are for the rest of the year. I particularly like the one about whispers in your heart and couldn’t resist jotting down a few things!

* The Spring Equinox Brings Fresh-Start Energy,

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