Take a hike…Feel the magic!

'Take a hike...Feel the magic' imageA little over a year ago, we got two free shade trees from our electric utility, Salt River Project. Their purpose was to encourage planting low-water trees because of the constant issue of water in the Arizona desert. When my hubby, Den, picked up the two starters, they were about 2-feet tall. This morning, walking out into our back yard, I noticed that the trees are now 10-feet tall!

And it hit me, there is an incredible process of growing with sunshine, water, and nutrients for people, plants, and animals. The fun aspect is that nature seems magical as things bloom and grow like our trees.

"Everywhere we look, the complex magic of nature blazes before our eyes."*  Vincent Van Gogh

This quote gave me an idea for this week.

Try This: Take a hike...Feel the magic!

If you are feeling stressed, stuck, or disenchanted, do one simple thing - experience the magic of nature. Here are a few tips:

  • Take a hike or walk in the sunshine.
  • Turn your face to the sun as you walk.
  • Breathe deep and exhale fully.
  • Drink a huge glass of water when you return.

For me, walking in the early morning with a chill in the air, is amazing for my mood. It gives me peacefulness and gets my endorphins going.  It's such a great way to feel good when you take a hike or long walk!

* Vincent Van Gogh quote: https://www.overallmotivation.com/quotes/vincent-van-gogh-quotes/

2 thoughts on “Take a hike…Feel the magic!”

  1. Hi Cuz! Hope you and Denny are doing well and enjoying life. I am fine and I do take walks or just get out and enjoy being with others. This May I will be a great grandpa for the first time. A little girl. My grandson Brady and wife Tori are having a child. They were married last April 1st and said no children for a couple years but here she comes! Thanks for the blog. Good advice. Love you guys.

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