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Does your mind wander when you try to focus on a goal that you want to achieve? Maybe you have started on your dream path but seem to keep getting derailed. It may be finding yourself going down rabbit holes on the Internet rather than staying on task. Or, you decide to watch just one more season of a favorite show.

Recently, I came across the idea that holding a thought for 17 seconds can help put you in motion toward a dream or goal. As stated in a blog from Gannon University*:

"Let’s just say you want to lose ten pounds. For 17 seconds you are going to lay down, shut your eyes and think about that goal. Whatever the case may be you are going to close your eyes and envision your goal happening. Then from there, most likely you are going to think of another good thought...”*

The key to those 17 seconds? It shifts your mindset!

Try this - Train Your Brain...

The most powerful way to make sure you are focused on your dreams is to train your brain. Some people use a gratitude practice while others use meditation to get their minds in the right groove. Here is a quick way to get your brain trained:

  • The first thing in the morning, find something you desire or aspire to have.
  • Hold the thought of it for 17 seconds. The idea is that in those 17 seconds, you are training your brain to focus.
  • If your mind wanders, pull it back and start again. If it helps, put a timer on your phone to 17 seconds.
  • Once you have achieved thinking of your desire for 17 seconds, try it for 34 seconds, and then 51 seconds and finally, for 68 seconds.
  • If you can hold the thought and not have your mind wander, that 68 seconds kick starts your brain into manifesting that desire.

What do you want to have in your life? Start every morning with 17 seconds of your dream or goal. Of course, staying focused is hard to do, especially for multi-taskers. Yet, the benefits will keep you coming back for more positivity and soon you’ll be up to 68 seconds!

*  Link to Gannon University blog:

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