Ask for a Sign

There have been so many times when needing an answer to a situation, I've looked to the heavens with the cry, "Give me a sign!"  Then, naturally I laugh at myself for throwing my hands up to the great beyond for it.

The key I discovered was the need for an intuition jumpstart.  And, when asking for a sign, it required watching for something to appear - essentially a connection with the energy of the universe.

I have regularly asked for a white feather. Why a white feather, not just any feather? Because it is unique and stands out on the path. Being a walker, most often it is on the ground at my feet, yet sometimes a white feather appears in something online or in an email.

Every time I see one, it is a little reminder that I am connected to the energy of the universe. This simple exercise helps reaffirm the value of recognizing more forces at work in life than we see with our eyes.

Try This: Ask for a Sign

While it can seem silly to ask for something to appear, the fun of this exercise is to go with the raised eyebrows and smirk as you do! Here are some ideas:

  1. Ask for a White Feather - My favorite as a walker outside because it is a rare occurrence
  2. Ask for a Butterfly - My friend Darcy looks for seeing one as a sign from her loved ones while my friend Gayle connects it to our friendship
  3. Ask for Your Sign - Pick something that you rarely see and know it will confirm the connection with your intuition

Often, we are distracted and fail to pay attention even as we ask for a sign. Yet what fun it is to recognize the sign when it appears. Nothing like it to jumpstart your intuition.

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