No more “buts!”

Recently, there was something that I desired and made a misstep when I added, "but probably won’t happen."  Have you found yourself excited about something you desire and then said, "but it might not come true"?  I was told that "but" is an eraser word.

From an article by Anchor Light Therapy Collective, "Simply used, the word 'But' negates whatever precedes it and can create a sense of defensiveness." *

Try this: No more "buts!"

So often we have a dream or goal that is big or hard to accomplish and we add a "but." During the week ahead, do this:

  • First, be more aware of catching yourself using the word "but."
  • Rephrase quickly by changing "but" to "and."
  • Watch for chances to stop yourself from thinking or using "but" when talking with friends and family.
  • Make a promise to yourself for no more buts!

From the article, "Using the word 'And,' you channel a more collaborative feeling with your communication."* It will be surprising how often you need to banish the "but."


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