Comfort & Smiles in Angel Taps

One of my favorite things is to watch for are Angel Taps! Like this morning when I was walking in the neighborhood and had the nudge to look down into the dirt along the street.  I spotted a shiny object, and it turned out to be a quarter. Immediately I said, "Thank you, Dad!"

Why my dad?  A long time ago when my daughter was two, we were at a tile store picking up some tile for our remodel. For a diaper change, I took her out to the car and when we were walking back into the store, I told Amanda to watch for pennies because they're dropped by angels to wish you a good day. Then I smiled and looked up to Heaven and said, "So Dad, can you send me a quarter?"

As we walked into the store and headed for the children’s play area, Amanda tripped on a piece of carpet.  Lo and behold, there sat a quarter.  I laughed and looked up to Heaven and said, "Thanks, Dad!" Then, I called to my hubby, Denny, with, "Dad just sent me a quarter!"

Angel taps enrich our souls and brighten our days. They're from a departed loved one and often you might pass them off as coincidences. It does take practice.  You might have someone who said to watch for their messages.  My friend, Darcy, says a butterfly is a sign from her sister who passed, saying "Hello."

Try this: There's Comfort & Smiles in Angel Taps

It is so rewarding to have your soul touched by an angel tap. While you might think it's silly or hard to fathom, just know you can recognize these wonderful touches to your soul. Here's an idea to get you started this week watching for angel taps:

  • First, when you're struggling or would just like a sign, say a little prayer or ask the Universe.  Maybe you want a nod that you're on the right track or, like Darcy, that a loved one is still with you.
  • Next, watch for something that triggers a memory or thought of a loved one who's passed.  Like my quarter story, it can be easy to ask and get an answer or it might be a favorite song that reminds you of a loved one.
  • Then, write down in a journal or on a sticky note the taps you recognize. The idea of thinking about a fun memory of a loved one is the power to uplift your spirit.

There's so much more to this world than we ever knew.  The key is that angel taps are personal and help you feel stronger.  If you notice one, I would love for you to share it with me or at least with others. Let's spread the word about angels all around us!

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  1. Love this! Such great stories and life lessons! Angel Taos and God winks! We can’t go wrong! Always enjoy your posts!

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