Finding More Magic

It’s fun to hear a magician say, “Abracadabra!” Your imagination jumps into action, and you can’t wait to see what the result will be. It’s similar to you having a dream or goal and wanting to don the magician’s top hat and cape, wave the magic wand and create a fun solution!

Yet sometimes we don’t recognize the little wins along the way and begin to get disappointed. That’s the time when you really need the magic wand.

If you find yourself rolling your eyes at needing that magic wand, here is a good quote from Daily Wisdom, “You have the power inside of you to lead yourself to greatness and magical opportunities.”

Try this: Wave Your Wand to Find A Little Magic!

Do you ever find yourself thinking you're too old to believe in magic?  Maybe you find it hard to believe in the beauty of having a dream?  Well, here are some steps to regain the power of your imagination using a wand:

  • Clearly focus your inner intention on exactly what you want and how it will bring you closer to that dream or goal.
  • Consider using meditations, visualizations or prayers that ground and focus you to help concentration.
  • Say your intention and give your wand a wave as you yell “Abracadabra!”
  • Then, watch for interesting ideas to pop in as your imagination takes flight.

While it may feel a little like being a kid again, why not give it a try? Worked great for Harry Potter! 😊

*Daily Wisdom,

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