Be happy to spread happy!

Wow, it's a New Year and we have all kinds of opportunities ahead. The key is to shake off the old thoughts and embrace the possibilities. Yet sometimes, it's hard to get motivated, almost paralyzed with all those possibilities. Here is a quote that spoke to me from Abraham Hicks:

"To make improvement, you've got to reach for a different thought."*

For a good start to 2022, consider the value of shifting your thoughts to bring up positive emotions when you are stuck.  And, when you are motoring along and feeling great, keep the focus on positivity.

Try This: Be happy to spread happy!

While there are times when you really don't feel like smiling or joyful, it's the perfect time to switch it up. Because when you are in a good mood, others around you witness it and it lifts theirs. Here are a few ways to bring up your mood:

  • Find a silly dog or cat video to make you laugh
  • Practice smiling in the mirror - get goofy with it
  • Make the superhero stance, hands on hips, legs apart and chest out (who can't smile when doing that one?)
  • Hug a family member, friend or pet

Soon, you will notice more smiles coming your way as you spread your happiness. Go for it and as you confidently move forward, aggressively grab the gusto of your dreams, goals, or resolutions!

*Excerpted from Abraham Hicks, Tampa, FL on 12/6/03,

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