Create a Fab 2023

Do you regularly make New Year resolutions? And if so, how do they generally work out for you?

If you are like most people, then you may find it hard to follow through on resolutions. Did you know that research indicates that only 8% or less of people actually reach their New Year goals?*

One issue is that we get busy and other distractions happen that move our focus away from dreams and goals. So, I have three exercises to motivate and inspire you to move forward.

Try This: Create a Fab 2023

There are three exercises that I use to stay motivated and I made a video to give you ideas for being more successful in the New Year!  The video has three of my friends talking about the value of each of the exercises as well as the process for each. Watch here:

These are the exercise topics:

  • Word of the Year
  • Vision Boards
  • Create a Legacy

Just for grins, my word for the year is Temerity (boldness), because I want to make more strides with my writing dream in the New Year.  I plan to update my vision board as well.  Moving forward in my writing dream is also about creating a legacy for the younger generations of my family to see that no matter how old you are, you can still achieve a big dream!


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