Do a Positivity Dance

Have you been surprised by a negative reaction that popped out before you could stop it?  Maybe it was a mean tease, an angry reaction, or simply a snarky comment. Then, you try to shrug it off as "I’m only human."

That's an excuse. Yet we are tested all the time to keep our emotions in check, turn the other cheek, or simply to be kind.

Want a different perspective? Consider that you can turn the tables on negativity or disappointment.

Try This: Do a Positivity Dance

While you may not consider yourself a dancer, here some ideas to help you in the recovery from a negative experience. In your mind, relive the negative feeling that you regret and then do one of these until you smile:

  • Pop earphones in your phone and play an upbeat tune to dance around the house.
  • Listen to a favorite song that pumps you up and just move your body to it.
  • Put on a YouTube music video and snap your fingers to the beat.
  • Sitting at your desk, play music while you spin around in your chair throwing your arms up.

The idea of a positivity dance is a fun way to lift up your mood. Here's a favorite pop song: Call Me Maybe,

Recently, I was on a morning walk listening to music and doing arm movements with little dance steps when I realized coming toward me was a group of young people. One of the young women was imitating my movements and grinning. It made me bust out laughing. I had been lost in my own world. And seeing her enjoying my good mood was an elixir. Now, when I think of that image in my mind, it makes me smile.

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