Failure is an option

With our first month of the year almost over, how are you feeling? Have you jumped into setting goals and then taken some steps?

One thing that holds people back from achieving their dreams is a fear of failure. When I saw this from author, Holley Gerth, it confirmed a better perspective on failing: "There is no such thing as overnight success. There is only trying and failing - over and over and over. Until one day it works."*

The good thing about embracing failure is that sometimes God sends a nudge to help you avoid a bigger mistake or get you back on track.  A big example from my life was going through divorce. At the time, it seemed overwhelming, yet it opened the door to remarrying and having a family - something the "ex" didn’t want but I wished for in my life.

Try This: Failure is an option - even a Godsend!

If something is not working out or maybe failing, the key is to reframe it. You might be missing that God is sending you a message. Especially if you have a major disappointment, try a redirect like:

  • Give yourself a compliment over the failure. Holley recommends telling yourself, "Well done for trying."
  • Second, seek the God nudge in why you didn’t get what you expected. Consider what might be better if God is sending you a message to shift directions.
  • Third, write down 10 things you’ve accomplished in your life that make you smile. The best aspect of this list is to get your mojo back.

Part of dealing with failure is emotional and can create negative self-talk. Hope these simple tips save you from going down the rabbit hole of disappointment and celebrate instead.

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