Fan Your Creative Flame

With a new month to start working on your projects, maybe you can take a baby step on your dream path.  There is one thing that really helps.  Creativity.  Every time we need to solve a problem, we use creativity to find an answer or overcome a problem.

Creativity allows us to combine ideas and helps us deviate from our focus and widen our awareness. While sometimes it seems like magic, it is always available in our mind's toolbox!

According to Albert Einstein, "Creativity is intelligence having fun."**

So often friends say, “Oh, you're creative but I'm not.”  Yet, when problems arise, everyone uses creativity to solve them.  Right?

Try This: Fan Your Creative Flame

This week, even if you believe you're not creative, try one of these ideas to get a jumpstart and enjoy the crazy flow of ideas and solutions:

  • Doodle – shapes, stick figures, faces, or my favorite, Hearts!
  • Journal – write a personal note to a loved one, a poem or a silly story
  • Watch – a YouTube video, TV show, or movie that is a comedy or makes you laugh
  • Listen – to a favorite song that makes you smile, want to sing along
  • Walk – outside in nature for amazing smells, sunshine and flowers

Once you find that trigger that helps you be more aware of your own creativity, it's fun to see how quickly you can fan the flame! What can you create today?

* Albert Einstein quote on Goodreads:

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