I wish that, I knew what I know now…

There are so many times in the past when I was disappointed about a goal not achieved or dream not fulfilled. But in hindsight, I looked back to discover that the path I took had better results. It may have been a relationship, a business opportunity, or something that shifted my attention. While it was upsetting, when I looked back over time, the episode was a detour that got me back on track.

Recently someone challenged me with “what advice would you tell your younger, 20-something self?” Really made me pause and think about my experiences and decisions.

Found the song by Rod Stewart, "Ooh La La," with the lyrics, "I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger!" * It got me inspired to jot down some ideas.

Try This: Wish that I knew what I know now

How about a challenge this week?  Explore the advice you would give to your younger self.  Maybe start with playing the song and then during the next few days, craft a message with one or all of these:

  • Write a letter to your younger self
  • Create a voice recording by dictating a message to yourself on your phone
  • Send yourself an email
  • Record a video message on your phone or using Zoom
  • Jot down the message in a journal

As the last month of summer, let's focus on exercises that help us look back at our adult lives - the good and bad - to appreciate where we've been.  Hopefully, you'll find a memory or fun story that makes you smile at how your path led you to today!

*Rod Stewart Ooh La La (Official Video): https://youtu.be/eEniy4CmSZQ

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