Listen. Smile. Move.

As the holidays have lots of fun events, shopping trips, and parties, it also jams up our schedules.  Trying to fit it all in can be distracting and stressful.  If you’re like me, I want to do it all - the decorating, the cooking, the parties and the gift giving.

One wonderful thing that happened this past week was my daughter, Amanda, graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in psychology!  Seeing her at the ceremony and having a party for her celebration added to our holiday cheer.

The busy schedule made me realize how important it is to have a quick calming tool to keep focused on the moment.

Try This: Listen. Smile. Move.

If you want to get the most out of your busy days this season, consider adding a simple three-step tool to your day:

  • Listen - be quiet and breathe deeply; it only takes a few seconds to focus on the sounds of people and places around you
  • Smile - as you curve your lips upward, your spirit will lift and soon you will be spreading the love
  • Move - add a little jig, quickstep, or twirl to get moving and grooving once more

Already I can just imagine you twirling with a big smile on your face, ready for more holiday craziness!

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