A Breath of Good Health

It was so hard to go through the past year focused on not getting sick with COVID, wearing masks, and staying home.  To counter the disruption of our normal habits, it seems this new year should be about simply being in good health.

There has been anxiety from feelings of isolation, negative reactions to news media stories, and mental health issues.  The impact on our health has included the lack of good, deep breathing due to anxiety tightening our chests and distracting us from expanding our lungs fully. How important is good breathing?  Well, from a 2018 article in INC magazine*, here is what can happen:

Without enough O2, you're at risk for issues like fatigue and even stress on your heart. And when your heart and lungs are stressed, that can activate a more overall stress response through the body, elevating cortisol. Elevated cortisol is associated with a host of conditions, such as weight gain, mood swings and trouble sleeping. It also links to a shutdown of the executive functions of the brain, meaning you can forget about great decision making or real focus.

When considering all the things you want to do in 2021, to start with you will need good health. Try to focus on good breathing that will help make sure you are healthy to achieve new goals and dreams!

Try this - Breathe for Your Health

Breathing deeply will help you become calmer and more clear-headed. To get started, create statements that are meaningful or use the ones provided here. Then, do this exercise at least three times a day:

  1. BREATHE IN: “I am connected to my dreams.“ EXHALE: “I dazzle with radiant enthusiasm.“
  2. BREATHE IN: “I am filled with passion.” EXHALE: “I smile with love and joy.”
  3. BREATHE IN: “I am overflowing with strength and good health.” EXHALE: “I shine with glowing skin and sparkling eyes.”

Who knew breathing was a superpower?  Beyond the benefits of fighting anxiety, you may notice a positive impact on your posture, sleeping and focus.

*  INC magazine article by Wanda Thibodeaux: https://www.inc.com/wanda-thibodeaux/want-more-energy-focus-try-this-change-to-way-you-breathe.html

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