Banish Worry

When thinking about the year ahead, it is easy to fall into the trap of worrying about "stuff." Things like how we get back to a normal, will businesses survive COVID, and how can a person make strides toward goals during uncertain times. Worry creeps in via our egos that pick up negative media stories or sadness when a friend loses a job or wondering how long we'll be forced to use Zoom meetings.

In trying to dispel worry, last week I started with an exercise using three breaths. I realized there is something so easy when using the number 3. Wondering why, I turned to Google and found this quote:

Our brains are pattern-seeking machines, constantly looking for relationships and meaning in the world around us. Three is the smallest number we need to create a pattern, the perfect combination of brevity and rhythm.*” Makes me feel confident that using the power of three is a great way to help me stay on track to my dreams and goals.

Try this - Banish Worry in 3

For this week, make more progress on your 2021 goals by banishing any worry. A simple technique that I created uses the rule of three. Start each day with these statements and add a specific person, place, thing, event, etc.:

  1. There is peace in my life with:
  2. There is happiness in my life due to:
  3. There is joy in my life because:

As you begin to banish worry, doubt, and irritation, you will find more peace, joy and happiness that propels you forward to new opportunities, new goals and new adventures.

*  Post from "The Power of Three" Blog – Why three is the magic number:

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