Recharge in 3 Ways

RechargeIt is just past the halfway mark of January, so how is your "to do" list? Are you making strides towards your goals for 2021? Stepping into the New Year gave us hope for new opportunities to achieve them all!

One thing that has sidetracked me is media distraction. Have you found that watching bad news causes an emotional reaction that results in the disruption of your day?

It is amazing how a drop of negativity into our mental pool can cause a ripple effect. The worry or depression pushes out the positivity which sidelines progress towards goals. Consider the wisdom of Dr. Wayne Dyer:

If you can accept the premise that what you think about is what expands, then you know… if your thoughts are on what you dislike, you will attract more of what you dislike into your life. It's almost as if it's a law of the universe.*

Try this - Recharge in 3 Ways

Building on this month's messages, here is yet another 3-step way to recharge for achieving more toward dreams or goals. Start your day with this exercise of sending three messages:

  1. I will send love to:
  2. I will send joy to:
  3. I will send peace to:

It is pretty much guaranteed that doing these three messages will bring a smile to your face. When you feel uplifted, getting down to business on that next step toward your goal is so much easier!

*  The Forever Wisdom of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Hay House:

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