A Little Love to Honor

This past week I had the blessing to celebrate my Aunt Jane's 90th birthday. My hubby and I traveled to freezing, snowy Illinois to be with her and her son Tom, who came in from Washington. As the last of the elders of my mother's family, it is so fun to have her tell stories and share memories from long ago.  To hug, chat and laugh with her for several days was heart-warming.

What an inspiration this tiny sprite of a woman has been to me. She grew up in northern Indiana and lost her father when she was just 8 years old.  Both of her brothers were killed in accidents when they were teenagers.  She began a family with her high-school sweetheart but lost him after having their second child at the tender age of 24.  To take care of her children, she became a businesswoman.  She started and ran a nursery for pre-schoolers for almost thirty years.  She did remarry, but then lost her second husband to cancer.  Then, her 39 year-old daughter was in a terrible car accident that caused brain damage, completely incapacitating her, and she passed years later.  Yet through it all, Aunt Jane has lived her life with grace and always has had a smile or kind word for everyone.

To know how positive and loving she has continued to be through all her heartache is inspiring. The best thing that I can think to do in her honor, is to send her love.

Try this - A Little Love to Honor

Who is someone that really inspires you, makes you laugh, and is a blessing in your life? For this week, share some love with those people who you would like to honor. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Send an email with a specific memory that makes you smile whenever you think of this person.
  • Write a card with a note about the impact the person has had on your life.
  • Call with a funny story that made you think of this person.
  • Set up a Zoom or Facetime to catch up and tell tales to laugh together.

For my Aunt's birthday, I did set up a Zoom with family across the country. It was a blast. She was thrilled with everyone singing happy birthday and telling her how much they loved her. Delight a special person with a little love to honor their role in your life!

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