Affirmations are My Friends

After a nice Thanksgiving holiday and looking forward to Christmas, I got a little melancholy when I recalled the way holidays were as a kid. I remember being excited for the big, yummy meals, playing with the neighborhood kids, and the excitement about upcoming presents from Santa.  In essence, carefree and able to take on new things without the negative self-talk of "adult" me.

Then I ran across this quote from Millionaire Secrets by Dean Graziosi:

"When we’re kids, we're good at relying on our instincts. School, society, and other factors cause us to become reliant on instinct.  But here's the truth: Your gut knows what your head might not. Trust it. Let it form the plan through your thoughts and notes so when it’s time for execution, you've got the steps you want to take mapped out in rough form." Ah to be a kid again and let go of those annoying naysayer thoughts that pop in from the "adult" me. Yet, I do have a powerful tool to help!

Try This: Affirmations are My Friends

Jack Canfield, coach and author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, wrote, "Making a daily declaration and affirmation of positive energy and self-love can make profound and lasting changes to the way we think about ourselves."** If you want to set the stage for a great 2023, consider rewriting your inner talk with this fun challenge for the week and through next month:

  1. Start with "I am...", "I will...", "Today...", or "I have..."
  2. Write the action in present tense.
  3. Keep to positive outcomes.
  4. Take five minutes every morning to focus on them.

As an example, here are my three affirmations for the next month:

  1. Today I will simply enjoy the day.
  2. I will let my intuition guide me in conversations.
  3. I am ready to achieve more tasks and ideas in pursuit of my writing dream.

Millionaire Success Habits, Dean Graziosi, p. 234


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