Be a Positive Thought Magnet

With the Labor Day weekend on the horizon, we're in the last lazy days of summer. To make the most of the week, consider a few things you want to finish and for the last push to achieve your goals this year.

Considering that motivation is key for accomplishing goals and projects, a quote that caught my eye was from Jack Canfield, an author and motivational speaker:

“Your thoughts are magnetic, and they attract like kind.”*

It reminded me that there is power in what I'm thinking about that can either encourage or discourage success.

Try This: Be a Positive Thought Magnet

With busy schedules and lots of distractions, it is easy to lose your focus on positivity. If what we think about is magnetic, then it's important the thoughts are focused on the good things we want to achieve. Here are a few ways to focus on positivity excerpted from a Mayo Clinic blog**:

  • Check yourself. Switch any negative self-talk to a positive statement. For example, “I've never done it before.” To “It's an opportunity to learn something new.”
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle. Get physical activity at least 30 minutes several times a week. Even 5-to-10-minute chunks will help you lift your mood and reduce stress.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. If you have negative people around you, they can add stress. Instead focus on positive friends and family members who give helpful advice and feedback.
  • Practice positive self-talk. Be gentle and encouraging with yourself. Include things that you are thankful for in your life.

Years ago, my first husband used to chide me about being "Miss Positivity," and that saying it was going to be a good day did not mean it would be. You can probably recognize why he became my "ex" because his own negativity was causing me to find ways to be upbeat. Fortunately, my hubby, Denny, embraces the value of positivity. Guess my positivity magnet attracted him into my life!

* Jack Canfield quote:

** Mayo Clinic blog:

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