Be an Earth Angel Today

Have you heard the old proverb, “One good turn deserves another?”*  In today’s world, it has become more contemporary as "pay it forward."be an earth angel image

The thought of "one good turn or deed" came to me as I was visiting my 90-year-old aunt in Illinois a week ago.  It was her story of one of her girlfriends who had fallen in her yard and called for help.  My aunt was an earth angel.  A week or so later, we visited, and my husband did some fixes around her house. Her good turn deserved a few for her!

Consider how doing something good, helping someone, can make a difference. Plus, it's amazing how great it makes you feel. In the words of Charles Dickens in his story, Our Mutual Friend:** "'No one is useless in this world,' retorted the Secretary, 'who lightens the burden of it for anyone else.'"

Try This: Be an Earth Angel Today

Finding a good deed to do for someone is healthy. Whether you are feeling upbeat or down, to be of service can bring a smile like:

  • Reaching out to a friend who has had some bad luck to offer assistance
  • Visiting an elderly family member or friend to do some fix-it jobs
  • Call someone to brighten their day with a fun memory
  • Send an email or note to a teacher or mentor about the value of their words to you
  • Do a happy dance with your son, daughter, hubby, wife, or friend to bring joy

While you don't have angel wings, you have amazing opportunities for good turns today.

* One good turn from merriam-webster dictionary

** Charles Dickens quote from Good Reads

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