Bring Joy & Be Happy Now!

Today is my daughter’s 24th birthday.  When my phone rang, she raced out hoping it was my 90-year-old Aunt Jane calling to sing "Happy Birthday."  The call was actually from my good friend, Pat, to catch up.

The "aha" was how precious the anticipation of the call from Aunt Jane was to Amanda.  All four of Amanda's grandparents have passed away.  Aunt Jane, my mom's sister, has been such a sweet touchstone for Amanda.

Then, when Aunt Jane did call, Amanda's happy smile matched mine when Pat called! Do you realize how something as simple as calling to sing birthday greetings to a loved one or calling to catch up can bring joy and happiness?  Plus, the caller will be happy as well!

Try This: Bring Joy & Be Happy Now!

Every day you have a chance to sprinkle a little joy.  When you do, the outcome will often bring up your mood, making you happier in the moment. This week, for a lift, here are a few ideas for family and friends:

  • Call to catch up rather than text or email.
  • If emailing, send a fun photo of a memory you shared.
  • Handwrite and mail a note or card.
  • Put on your calendar to celebrate a birthday by calling to sing.

Seeing Amanda anticipate the call from her Great-Aunt Jane was precious. So, remember that the little time it takes to do these simple thoughtful gestures rewards you both with joy.


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