Change is hard. Hold hands

Change is hard. There, I said it. From small ones to life challenges, most people do not like change.

Consider the last year of issues created by COVID. Everyone was impacted by the closures, masks, vaccines, and illness. We lost habits and routines that make our lives easier. Plus, we had to cope with new life path shifts created by the pandemic. The best thing was focusing on family. Yet, even wanting to be together meant issues. There were elderly and compromised people that had to be protected.

What really became important to me was being with family and friends without risking their health. Then, our daughter moved to another state.  It was as hard as when she had headed off to college years before.

Try this - Hold Hands

There is nothing more soothing and rewarding than holding hands with a loved one. This week, hold hands or touch someone gently, like:

  1. Your hubby or significant other when walking together
  2. Your son or daughter with a quick squeeze
  3. Your best friend with a gentle pat
  4. Your furry friend with some pets and strokes

Next, reach out to shake the hand of a new friend as often as possible this week. With the COVID issues, the simple handshake has been avoided. As things are beginning to "open up," ask to shake hands with a business associate, coworker, friend or family member. Happy Mother’s Day to the moms, the empty nesters, the stepmoms, the godmothers, and the grandmothers.

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