Need an idea? Tap into your inner genius!

This past week, I was stuck in my projects. I was not "seeing" things happen as I’d like, not having “heard” good news, or not having tangible evidence that I was making progress.

My husband, Denny, said just the right thing. He said, "Maybe God gave us our five senses for protection not perception." It hit me between the eyes. The thought made so much sense. When we are using our five senses to make decisions, it comes down to only believing what we see, touch, hear, smell, or taste. Yet, he pointed out how limiting it can be to use only our senses when their purpose is to protect us as we navigate the world.

What about the inner guide, the intuition and gut feelings that can really help us but are invisible?

Dr. Wayne Dyer said, "Any step in the direction of expressing your creative impulses is a step in the direction of actualizing the genius that resides within you."*

Try this - Tap the Genius Inside

Listening to your intuition is accessing your inner genius for answers and direction. This week, consider these fun activities to unlock your inner genius:

  1. Draw a picture or paint a landscape and hang it up on a wall.
  2. Create a short video about a hobby or a subject you love and post it on YouTube.
  3. Take pictures of beautiful flowers and post them on Instagram.
  4. Read poetry that inspires you out loud to a friend or family member.
  5. Sing a song you love that stirs you every time you hear it.
  6. Grab a fiction book and read a chapter.

These are all activities that can motivate your inner genius to come up with new ideas and answers that you have been seeking.

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