Need a change? Rewrite your script!

Earlier this month, I offered a message about creating a "Note to Self" about writing down things that you do during the week to help others, show kindness, and touch base. Several friends mentioned it resonated with them. The idea was to focus on good things – using fun notes to remind yourself of things that made you smile.

Beyond notes to self, carrying a notepad with you is a great tool. When something is bothering you or things are not quite going the way you’d like - consider a rewrite.

In our minds, we carry our story, a script of what has happened including the good and the bad. These thoughts can be uplifting or can create scary movies in your head. This quote identifies the power of those stories in our minds. It's from Mirna Smidt, founder of the Happiness Academy:

"Owning our story and creating it into a story that is meaningful, empowering yet authentic for us is probably the most powerful thing that one can do for own happiness, life satisfaction, but also sense of meaning and positive relationship with self."*

Want to achieve more or get out of a funk?  Grab the notepad in your purse, in your car or on your desk, and do a rewrite!

Try this - Rewrite Your Script

As the creator of your own story, remember you always have a choice of how you interpret events, situations, and relationships with others. This week, when you want to change things up, consider:

  1. Identify the obstacles or opportunities around you.
  2. Write a short story, just a few paragraphs describing what you want to have, to change or let go.
  3. Read the new script as if it has already happened often during the day.
  4. Acknowledge the shift in your mood, confidence, and courage to move forward.

You have the power to do rewrites, as often as you need them to change things up.  As the Buddha says, "The mind is everything. What you think you become."**

*  From the Happiness Academy website:

**  From the BrainyQuote website:

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