Change Your Mood with a Distractor Move!

Did you come up with an April Fool's joke to play on a family member or friend? The annual custom on April 1st consisting of practical jokes and hoaxes has been around for centuries. According to Wikipedia, jokesters often expose their actions by shouting "April Fools" at the recipient.*

While sometimes jokes can backfire, the idea of catching someone off guard to make them laugh is a great distraction. Yet, the best is when someone smiles or laughs. Their whole mood changes when the realization of a joke being played hits them.  Well, I have an idea. Why not play an April Fool's joke on your mood?

Try This: Change Your Mood with a Distractor Move!

When you're feeling anxious or need a pump up, play an April Fool's on yourself. Even if you feel silly, keep trying to really get into one of the following "distractor" moves:

  • Jump up and shout, "I’m alive!"
  • Stand, wave your arms around, and call out, "Wahoo! I’m amazing!"
  • Spin around in your desk chair and yell, "Way to go, fun!"
  • Dance a jig and sing, "It's great to be me!"

The key with these fun distractors is to do something that makes you smile, giggle, even laugh at yourself. My favorite is to dance and sing. What about you?

*Wikipedia April Fool's Day write up,'_Day

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