Choose a Code Word for Confidence

Every year, I choose a word to guide my thoughts in a positive way. This year, my word was Temerity (boldness). It helped me to move forward in completing my marketing handbook for authors (see below for info) and other projects.

What we say to ourselves is so impactful because we live in our heads. As negativity creeps in, it's important to have tools to get your confidence pumped up.

Loved this quote from coach and entrepreneur, Anthony J. Yeung, "Watch your words because they become your reality. Whatever you say after 'I am…,' be very careful: Your subconscious is always listening."*

An idea is to use a code word that is meaningful to you in terms of giving you a boost. for the month or week or even daily.

Try This: Choose a Code Word for Confidence

Consider what will help bolster your mood and confidence for a great week. The idea is to do this every day:

  • Code Word - Find a word that resonates in a good way.
  • Daily Practice – Each morning, say the word out loud three times.
  • Physical Imprint - Add a hand or arm movement when you say your code word to anchor it.
  • Review Progress – At the end of the week, see if the code word worked.

As an example, my word has been temerity/boldness, so I use a fist pump each time I say it. While you may think it's silly that a word and a hand movement can change your confidence, give it a try. It's a little thing that holds a lot of great power to move you forward!

* 7 Little Things That Can Hurt Your Confidence (And How To Fix Them) - Anthony J. Yeung,:

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