Choose A Superpower

It’s a New Year and I always feel the pressure to set those goals, get organized, and prep the “to do” list.

  • Where do I start?
  • What steps should I take first?
  • Is this goal even right for me?

Then, it makes me wonder, what if I had a superpower? For example, what if I had the vision of Elon Musk or the entrepreneurial spirit of Sir Richard Branson? The creative genius of James Patterson?  What would you choose? It gave me a sense of wonder rather than stress!

Try This: Choose A Superpower to Jumpstart Your Goals!

When thinking of your desired goals to achieve this year, the key is staying motivated and enthused about taking the necessary steps. To keep yourself moving forward to your dreams and goals, here is an idea:

  • Think of three superpowers that you would love to have.
  • Select the one you would enjoy the most and makes you smile.
  • Write it on a sticky note to put on your bathroom mirror.
  • Finally, play this song to get motivated to show the world "super" you: "This is Me" from The Greatest Showman,

Fun exercise, right? That song with its great beat and awesome message brings my spirit up every time I listen. The lyrics encouraged me to choose bold tenacity as my superpower because I won’t give up easily.  And I can just imagine you standing in front of your bathroom mirror, reading your superpower, posing with hands on hips and a big smile on your face!

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