Choose Your Word for 2024

Have you sat down to jot a few goals for the new year and felt overwhelmed? It's always interesting to see all the pundits online offering solutions to set goals and manifest them in minutes. Yet, the hardest thing to believe is how one training course or a journal with prompts can give you results.

The issue is the ego challenges any of those new changes because it wants to "protect" you by encouraging status quo. The question arises, how can you motivate yourself around those messages from your ego to achieve good results?

A tool I use every year is to choose a word to act as a trigger to keep focused on my goals and dreams. Mine for this year was "temerity" - which is to be bold. Each time I faltered in a project or goal, I would remember my word "temerity" - boldness, which made me smile and move forward.

Try This: Choose Your Word for a Fab Year

There are many options to use to find your word, and here is an idea from one of my short workshops.

  • Watch the first part of this short video about Creating a Fab Year that offers ideas on choosing your word for the year:
  • Select 5 words that make you smile and feel more confident.
  • Decide on the one for 2024 that will encourage you to achieve your goals.
  • Put it up on a sticky note where you see it every day.
  • Set a weekly calendar appointment to describe what your Word means to you.

See which word really perks you up. The idea is to have one that is your "go to" for distracting doubt and move forward to achieve your goals!

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