Craft a Personal Vision

Baseball legend, Satchel Paige, said: “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?”* The quote got me pondering aging and sense of purpose.

It made me think about being youthful and almost invincible back in my twenties. If only if we could re-live those years, knowing what we know now, right?!

As we age, it is easy to wax nostalgic  and wish we were young again. Whether as a kid, a young adult, a middle-aged adult, or a retiree.

At every age, it is important to have a life purpose that motivates us to move forward to achieving our dreams.  In essence, what is your reason for getting up in the morning?

Try This: Craft a Personal Vision

In an interesting article by Maggie Wooll on BetterUp**, she offers great ways to find your purpose and jumpstart a renewed sense of purpose. This week, to create a personal vision statement, try this:

  • Describe your strengths
  • List your life goals or dreams
  • Define the values to help guide your steps forward

While you may have a short one-sentence vision or prefer one that is a paragraph, the key is that it confirms.  Love to know what you create, so please share here, on Facebook or by email.

* Satchel Paige quote:
**Maggie Wooll quote on BetterUp:

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