Heed your father’s wisdom

Today is Father’s Day and what a great time to remind yourself of tidbits of wisdom you might have heard from your dad or grandfather!  Now, my father, Stanley Lemmon always said, "Everything goes better with a little 'Lemmon' in it!"  Okay, not a serious piece of advice, but it has always made me smile because my father was 5'7" and a bundle of energy.  My hubby, Den, has said he remembers his hard-working blue-collar pops, Dick Koepke, saying, "measure twice, cut once."  He said that applied to more than just tradecraft, too!

Try This: Heed Your Father's Wisdom

It is always fun to toss out those pieces of wisdom that we've heard during our childhood. Sometimes it makes us laugh, sometimes smile, and sometimes nod our heads. The key is to remember it and pass it along. Here's how:

  • Write down the best advice your father gave you as a child
  • Add memories of times when you have offered it to others
  • Find a way to share it with at least 3 friends this week

The key to my dad’s "little Lemmon" advice was to get others to smile or laugh. A fun memory and something I always remember with a giggle. What's your favorite piece of fatherly advice?

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