What’s the message for me today?

This past week, I had fun sending out my heartfelt hope notes and emails. In fact, I was delighted to receive a little “hope” from my friend, Gayle, and it's shown below in this email.

The idea came to tap into my intuition to know who needed a message of hope. Plus, taking time with a quiet mind allowed names to pop in for my hopeful heart challenge.

A quote from Diana Raab Ph.D., on the Psychology Today* website was so confirming; "The word intuition means to look at or toward, or to contemplate." She went on to say, "By listening to our inner voice, or intuition, means that we stop and listen to the wisdom inside of us. The inner voice is not necessarily a voice we hear, per se, but it’s a hunch or gut feeling that we get about either a person or a situation."

It's fun to get quiet and listen for a message, but sometimes I get them as fleeting memories, or a person comes to mind.  If I pause and consider the brief thought, often it is an intuitive moment that forced its way into my busy brain.  I try to focus on catching these as well as doing exercises like the one below!

Try This: What’s the message for me today?

Recently, I saw a meditation that can help you connect with your intuition to gain answers when you are confused, befuddled, or just lacking in direction. It's easy with these steps:

  • Place your feet flat on the ground.
  • Place your hand on your heart.
  • Take a deep breath and bring your energy into the quiet place within your heart.
  • Now ask a question that you're seeking clarity. It may be something like, "Would doing 'X' bring me closer to the life I desire?" -or- "Is there a better step for me to take for 'X'?"
  • Allow the answer to rise to the surface and note if you feel something in your body.

When you listen to your intuition, you'll find a great way to start your week by feeling confident and excited in a peaceful mode!

*Quote from Diana Raab Ph.D., in Psychology Today: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-empowerment-diary/202008/8-ways-tap-deeper-knowing

The Fun of Sending Heartfelt Hope

While I did receive emails, this was so special - a note with a little magnet named "Hope" from Gayle, my girlfriend in South Carolina! Did you try the challenge of sending hope to a family member or friend last week?

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