Send a Heart of Hope

This summer, there have been so many bad news stories that can make a huge dent in our emotional health.  Then, there are the lingering issues from COVID.  Have you noticed a level of anxiety, concern, or sadness that creeps in to even a good day?

"A study by researchers Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan along with Thrive founder Arianna Huffington found that just three minutes of negative news in the morning (versus more uplifting content) can ruin your mood for the rest of the day."*

While hard to avoid the shocking news stories, consider a switch to start your day by igniting hope for you and for family and friends.

Try This: Send a Heart of Hope

Every morning this week, follow this simple practice to send out hope and buoy your own sense of hope at the same time! Here is what I am doing this week:

  • Draw or find a clip-art heart that makes you smile
  • Mail a heart in a card to someone special
  • Put a heart in your email signature
  • Text your heart drawing to family and friends
  • Post a heart on your social media posts
  • Tape a heart on your back door to see when you and loved ones come and go

What a fun way to lift your spirit and those around you.  I'm thinking of sending a heart in the mail to my 91-year-old Aunt Jane, another heart in an email to a friend with a difficult diagnosis, and spreading more hopeful hearts in my texts, email signature, and social media!

*Quote and Fast Company article titled, "How to stop your brain’s addiction to bad news":

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