Great Time for a Restart

As Memorial Day harkens the start to summer, it's a good time to review what you can let go of and what new things to begin.  If you have had things go wonky or feel off track recently with your projects or goals, there is an opportunity to re-energize them this summer.

For me, life is surprising and albeit tough sometimes, but there is always a new day to start again. So, the start of summer harkens a good time for a restart of my projects/goals!

Try This: Great Time for a Restart

For the week ahead, consider greeting each day as a chance to start over. It can be very freeing with this summer plan. For ten minutes every morning, do this:

  1. For two minutes, reflect on your current goals and write down people and things that are weighing you down or what may be holding you back.
  2. For the next three minutes, practice gratitude with a list of the 3 things you are thankful for in your life.
  3. Sit quietly for five minutes, picturing the elimination of people and things weighing you down, then switch to visualizing how great it will feel to accomplish your goals and the dream life you want.

The key is to regroup to get rid of those people or things that are negative and may be holding you back. Then, by getting your thoughts to be more positive, it allows your mind to focus on the fun and excitement of achieving your goal(s).  Soon things are clicking and moving forward!

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  1. Such a wonderful insight and suggestions! Thank you so much for your continued posts and blog!

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