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It's the beginning of summer with kids out of school and the warm weather beckoning us to find new adventures. Most people look forward to a family vacation or a trip to a favorite destination like the mountains or beach.

My hubby, Denny, and I just traveled to Hershey, PA, to celebrate granddaughter Kayleigh's high school graduation. It was great to see family!  I do get stressed when packing and getting ready, worrying a little about the flights, rental car, and driving to the hotel. Sometimes, trying to get off on that fun vacay, your energy can be impacted. While some of you might grab energy drinks or more coffee, I have a fun way to give your energy a boost.

Try This: Get a Magical Energy Boost with Choice Words!

If you are feeling stress taking away your energy, yet need to get a lot done, simply distract your busy mind. Use positivity words to relieve stress* and to get a quick boost like:

  • "Nevertheless" - follow a stressed-out thought with a positive one, separating the two with these word changes helps make a good shift.
  • "I’m excited" - pumping yourself up helps you move away from negative thoughts.
  • "All is well" - the calming effect of these words reminds you that things are fine.
  •  "I am in control" - using an affirmation can lower your cortisol level which is the stress hormone.

The most important aspect of overcoming stress is that you'll enjoy your vacations and adventures. You will be your best with these little word tricks that can be used anytime for an energy boost!

* Article about Magical Phrases and Words

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