Get Over Yourself – Fast

In today's fast-paced world, there are always things that happen to ruin plans or push us in a different direction. You end up upset and getting thrown off your day.

According to Gloria Mark, author of Attention Span, after an interruption; "In fact, our research shows it takes 25 minutes, 26 seconds, before we go back to the original working sphere, or project."*  So, it takes us almost half an hour to refocus after being interrupted which can add up during the day. It's not always easy to push past a disruption in your day. Best to have some techniques to help you get onto your next project.

Try This: Get Over Yourself - Fast

Our mood can tank with disappointment, interruption, or conflict. To avoid losing time and energy, here are some ideas:

  • Refocus your mind. When you are upset, it's easy to ratchet up emotions. Dispel the angst with the question, "How can I figure out a new path, solution or idea?"
  • Baby step. Ask yourself if there is some small thing that you can do to get back to even keel.
  • Choose a new feeling. If upset, stop your lizard brain from perpetuating the negativity. Switch to a fun memory or upcoming new adventure that gets you to smile.
  • Take a walk. Gloria Mark mentioned that "Just a 20-minute walk in nature can help significantly relax people, and we found it can help people produce significantly more ideas - it’s called divergent thinking."*

Having a memory that makes you smile in the back of your mind is a quick fix. For me, starting every day with a walk in the sunshine helps me get over myself.

* Gloria Mark quote

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