It’s Time for a Spring Fling

It seems hard to believe, but spring started in the Northern Hemisphere today, Sunday, March 20. While some areas may be still experiencing some winter storms, here in the Southwest, we're enjoying the blooming citrus trees and many flowers.

The year is zooming along, and time seems to fly whether I'm having fun or not!  The key is to find ways to stay energized.  Which brought me to an idea of how to get motivated - the spring fling!

It's Time for a Spring Fling

In the week ahead, find time to celebrate the beginning of Spring. It can be a fun break in your day when you try one of these or all of them:

  • Twirl - spin quickly and lightly around, repeatedly.
  • Dance a jig - a lively dance with leaping movements.
  • Skip - move along lightly, stepping from one foot to the other with a hop or bounce.
  • Spin - turn or whirl around quickly.

My favorite is the twirl by throwing my arms wide without getting too dizzy! It makes me feel like a little kid without a care in the world. The fun jumpstarts a great mood to enjoy my day.

Dance, dance, dance.

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