What you think about expands

With the advent of Spring, it feels like a refreshing new start supported with the blooming flowers and trees.  So, if you are ready to consider new ideas, new experiences, and new goals, I have one warning: Be careful what you think about!

Based on teachings from Wayne Dyer, he says, "You will see it when you believe it."*  It has been stuck in my brain for years that what you think about expands.

Since what you think about can be the critical component to achieving more of your goals and dreams, then what are you thinking about?

Try This: What You Think about Expands

To focus on achieving new projects, goals, or dreams, here are some starters to frame your thoughts:

  • I appreciate...
  • I love...
  • I enjoy...

While using positive statements seems like a very simple solution to being successful, it is based on having positive emotions to fuel your actions. Plus, you move forward by dismissing negativity or self-doubt.  Do not let negative thoughts or hesitation creep in to cloud your focus.

* Dr. Wayne Dyer quote: https://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/2960.Wayne_W_Dyer?page=1

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