Life is good because I can…

Having spent a few days in the cool pines of northern Arizona, it is a bit intimidating to be to be back in the 115-degree heat. The short time away was refreshing because I saw a herd of elk, several deer, and other critters. Plus, the cooler weather revived me!

Now, back in the heat of the Valley of the Sun, my determination has been dampened and I'm slow to get to my projects.

Because we control our mood, regaining our mojo is as simple as remembering how good life is. So, I decided to find a solution to jumpstart my mojo!

Try This: Life is good because I can...

When I found myself pining to be back in the cool mountains, I created these inspiring prompts. Fill in the following: Life is good because I can…

  • Engage in a new activity like:
  • Try a new craft like:
  • Cook a new recipe like:
  • Find a new walk or exercise activity like:
  • Make lunch plans with a new friend like:

When you concentrate on new things that you CAN do, it has the power to uplift you and get you moving with a smile. Plus, it's so fun to get your mojo back and start jamming on projects.

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