Want to stretch a little this week? With Thanksgiving over, it harkens the countdown to the end of the year with Christmas and then New Year’s celebrations. Yet, because it has been a tough year with COVID limiting us, you may not have gotten much traction on your dream path to achieve this year’s goals.

It is still important to start thinking of new dreams and goals to achieve in 2021. When you do, consider being more adventurous.

This line stood out to me in a recent INC article titled, A National Geographic Adventurer's 5 Tips for Living More Adventurously Every Day* by Jessica Stillman:

Living adventurously really is about the attitude you choose to charge at life with, doing stuff that's new and different and that scares you and makes you curious.”

Being adventurous does not always mean danger or big feats of physical exercise like swimming with sharks or climbing 10,000-foot peaks. It can be as simple as driving a new way home from the office or taking a morning walk through the neighborhood going a different way. Visit a new restaurant that you have not tried before like Vegan, Thai, Indian or Sushi. The idea is that you have the opportunity to be surprised by seeing new things, using a new path or tasting a new dish.

Try this - Live with adventure!

From Oprah Winfrey, "The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams."** Why not break out of your routine and see what steps you can take to be more adventurous in your life this week?

  • Exercise your imagination to find seven simple steps, things to do differently in your routine. Can you drive a new way to the office or supermarket? Can you start the day with a walk or bike ride?
  • Jot the steps you take in your phone, in a journal, or on your calendar. It is a commitment to changing up your routine to let in more creativity.
  • At the end of the week, review how you feel about the steps you took. And, figure out how you were able to stretch or shake up your routine.

For me, a starter is to take a different route on my morning walk each day this week and extend it from 2.5 to 3 miles. I have others in mind, and am excited to stir up my imagination.

*  Quote from Alastair Humphreys in an article written by Jessica Stillman for Inc Magazine:
**  Quote from Oprah Winfrey on Bliss Quote:

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