Time for a pep talk?

The exciting news is that you have filled your mind and life with remarkable education and experiences. You Time for a pep talk?have had adventures, goals, and amazing experiences. Then, you have also likely had disappointments, missed dreams, and rejection of a project or friendship. The key is that the negatives lead to new experiences that you learned from and valued.

Best thing? Every day is a new one. You have a mind that can change on a dime – from creating a new idea to switching from disappointment to hope. Consider that you are in the world to do more good – have more fun – find more ways to help others – even pick amazing adventures!

If you think of being able to do anything you want to do, what is that next step? It can be a new idea, a new destination, a new person to talk to, and even a new book to read. The marvel in taking the first step is how easy it is and makes your life today so simple. Yet, if you have trouble taking it, consider a pep talk.

Try this - The Pep Talk

What are some words that motivate, dispel a funk, or energize you? These can be words like the famous Nike line, “Just do it,” or as ancient as, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao-tzu.* Make sure the pep talk is:

  • Short with no more than ten to twelve words that are easy to remember.
  • Made up of upbeat, positive words – no negatives!
  • A phrase that makes you smile when you say it out loud.

Whenever I am feeling stressed or disappointed about something not working out, here is mine that I created years ago: Peace be my path with love in my heart.

*  Quote attributed to Lao-tzu on ahealthiermichigan.org/: https://www.ahealthiermichigan.org/2015/02/24/10-uplifting-quotes-to-say-to-yourself-every-morning/

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