Give the Gift of YOU

Yesterday, I called my 89-year-old Aunt Jane, who lives in Illinois, to see if she got the fun food tower that I had ordered for her. Turns out, I messed up on the shipping address, so promised to reorder because I wanted her to have some holiday cheer before Christmas.

She chastised me for sending something, as she usually does, but I keep sending her gifties anyway! Do you know what my Aunt Jane asked for instead?

More long phone calls because she enjoys our conversations so much! It made me smile and the realization hit that it was better to give her my time, my attention, and my love.

Try this - Give the Gift of YOU:

During the week ahead, pause and simply ask what a friend or family member would really like as a gift this holiday season. Here are some ideas:

  • A phone call to catch up – allowing for at least an hour
  • Go holiday shopping– safely with social distancing and masks
  • Set up a Zoom to connect across the family
  • Pet sit or pet cuddle when a friend is out of town
  • Visit a loved one who cannot travel

An example that warmed the cockles of my heart was how my friend, Pat, made it a point to come visit and cuddle our cat when we were out of town. Knowing that Joy, the cat, had someone visit really helped my guilt for traveling! What gift of You can happen today?

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