Make the Most of Today

Hard to believe that it has been 21 years since the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center. I knew someone who was lost that day as he was interviewing for a job on one of the upper floors.  At the time, his wife told me he was so excited and nervous about the new opportunity, never thinking that being there, that morning would be his last.

Ever since, I have observed a daily "Moment of Reflection" with a mantra that helps me focus on being in the moment to enjoy my life. My mantra has been, "Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!"

Then, for each word, I add a short line that describes what it means for the day. Here is an example from Tuesday of this week:

  • Happy to be home from all the trips to catch my breath.
  • Healthy: feeling better and more pain free.
  • Wealthy: earning money in new ways that blows my mind.
  • Wise: being compassionate, helpful, and always having a smile.

For this week, why not put a Moment of Reflection on your calendar? Then, create a mantra or use a favorite saying that helps you make the most of your day!

Try This: Make the Most of Today

Since what we think about expands, it is important to start each day with good messages that lead us to be our best. Here are some steps to try this week:

  • Pick a time in the early morning and set a reminder on your calendar.
  • Create a mantra or pick a favorite saying that inspires you.
  • Jot down ideas of how to bring the mantra to life with simple tasks or thoughts.
  • Listen to your intuition about things that will make your day better.
  • Journal for a few minutes about what pops into your mind.

It would be interesting to know if using a personal mantra is helpful.  Let me know or tell me if you have another way to be in the moment to make the most of your day.

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