Go Outside and Get Grounded

Today is the celebration of the wedding of my stepson, Drew and his bride, Leslie. It hit me how wonderful it is to witness new beginnings. And, the amazing part was the ceremony and reception were outdoors - one a picturesque mountain scene and the other the city park in downtown Ouray, Colorado. Being out in nature was soothing and peaceful. The experience prompted me to consider the wonder and value of being in nature on our spirit.

"Creativity is fueled by going outside. We don’t mean snapping photos of yourself outside, but really enjoying the outdoors!" *

Natalie Ledwell, Mind Movies newsletter. Another aspect of being outside is getting your bare feet in touch with the ground. Sounds crazy, but there is a huge movement from research on the benefits of "earthing" or "grounding."  The idea is that doing activities that "ground" or electrically reconnect you to the earth are therapeutic.

Try This: Go Outside and Get Grounded

Being inside so much of our days due to work or the hot weather, sometimes it is good to take a break and refuel in nature. During the week:

  • Go shoeless - twice a day, throw off your shoes and walk in the grass or dirt in a yard or park. Remember, shoes or flipflops have rubber soles that block any connection with the natural electric benefits from the earth.
  • Take a walk - in the cool of an early morning or evening, spend 20 to 30 minutes walking in your neighborhood and breathing deeply as you notice trees, flowers, and bushes. I like to touch the trees, smell the roses, and get some exercise.
  • Face the sun - in the early morning, stand with your face to the sun for a few minutes. My friend, Darcy, told me that she tries to get sunshine every day because it is so good for you. When your skin is exposed to sunlight, it makes vitamin D from cholesterol**.

Every day, I try to do each one of these suggestions to help be healthier and more content. Why not wiggle your toes in the grass or notice flowers on a walk, or even step outside to lift your face to the sun?

* Natalie Ledwell in mindmovies.com: https://www.mindmovies.com/blogroll/this-is-why-you-should-disconnect-this-weekend-10-ways-to-unplug-from-technology

** Ryan Raman on healthline.com: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/vitamin-d-from-sun#

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