Look with Fresh Eyes

Inspiring ourselves to achieve new goals and dreams is often impacted by limiting beliefs from our childhood. It's crazy to think that something a parent said we couldn't do, something we shouldn't do, or something that we were not good at can imbed itself into our psyche.

What limiting beliefs are stuck in your psyche from the past? Do those limiting beliefs stop you from trying something new?

Coming into the Fall is a great time to consider new projects and new ideas that you may want to plan for next year. So, looking at things from a different angle can reenergize you.

Try This: Look with Fresh Eyes

Think about what might be holding you back from really jumping into a new dream or goal. Is it about having the talent, skill, money or experience?  Maybe there's an issue that immediately makes you think, "Wish I was good enough to do that" or "Too bad I can't do that cool thing."  Here are some questions to help you gain a new perspective:

  • Is there something new to explore for my purpose?
  • What's the best path for achieving my dreams or goals?
  • What are the things I need to do to stay healthy?
  • How can I increase my income and abundance?
  • What ideas do I have to increase my happiness?

When you see something that is limiting you with fresh eyes, it's fun to have new ideas pop in. One idea struck me recently when I asked about something new for my purpose.  I found myself creating a new model for making decisions and focusing my attention on moving forward.  The idea of considering heart, mind and soul is intriguing me to move past my "I’m too old," or "I don’t have the skills" limiting beliefs.

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