Ten Words to Inspire You

This week, I had a speaking gig in Hawaii for CU Conferences at a beautiful hotel on the amazing island of Maui. Walking out onto the beach, feeling the wet sand beneath my toes while watching colorful sunsets between swaying palm trees, was breathtaking. And, when I tried to describe it to family and friends, the task was to find words to describe the sights that inspired me during the trip.

Every day, there is constant chatter in our heads, as we think of words to use for conversations, instructions, and answering others. But when pressed to describe new experiences or things that inspire us, those perfect words are not often on the tips of our tongues. Plus, consider the value of words to shift your mood or get out of a negative mindset.

Try This: Ten Words to Inspire You

Much like describing the beauty of nature can bring fun words to mind, having them top of mind can help in those times when you're stressed or crazy busy or even coping with a disappointment. The right words can conjure up all kinds of fabulous memories that help you smile and move forward. Here is a task for you this week:

  • Grab a notepad and pen or open a notes app on your phone.
  • Jot down words that you say this week that are upbeat and make you smile.
  • Keep finding words until you have at least 10 that will inspire you when you're down.

The idea for having those words that can bring on a happy break is very simple and effective. My starter words that make me smile and even clap my hands are: Fabulous, Amazing, Gorgeous, Sweet, Magnificent.

It's fun to receive your emails and comments that my words sparked something for you. In fact, as I was writing this on the plan to Hawaii, the woman across the aisle confessed she was reading it and thought it was a beautiful message. That gave me a jolt of happy!

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