Need a lift? Use a Happiness Distractor!

When an investment opportunity fell apart this week, it encouraged me to focus on how to reignite both my own and my hubby's happiness. When you get discouraged or thrown into the dumps, it is hard to just say, "I’m happy," and expect that to work. Your ego is in control at that point and says, "You need to be upset to protect yourself from further disappointment!"

Then, a familiar quote popped into my mind from Wayne W. Dyer, an American self-help author and a motivational speaker:

"What you think about is what expands."*

The question then becomes, what are you thinking about? It gave me an idea.

Try This: Need a lift? Use a Happiness Distractor!

Because our lives are busy and many things can distract us, seems we need that "go to" tool to get us back on track. It's easy to remember and works every time:

  • When down or discouraged, remind yourself: "What I think about expands, so what am I thinking about?"
  • Next, create a happiness distractor like, "I'm alive and grateful for this day." Another idea is to choose key words that make you feel good.
  • A final step is to add a hand movement with your happiness distractor. Or, you can use a thumbs up or arms stretched wide.

Each morning, I use my happiness distractor with hand movements. It’s "Courage" (fists up), "Determination" (hands on hips), "Love" (open hands) & "Enthusiasm" (double thumbs up). Gives me a little feeling of being a superhero, too!

* Wayne W. Dyer, The Power of Awakening:

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